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A story about the world, through the eyes of its inhabitants. There will be every kind of story and feeling imaginable. Ranging from happiness and sweetness to horrifically traumatizing. It will contain sci-fi and fantasy as well as genres considered both "good and bad" in full range of fiction to nonfiction, mysterious and even quite obvious..
It will have sex, torture, and all that other mature stuff so viewer discretion is advised but if you stick around there will be uplifting and hopefully some truly inspiring stories as well. I will try to keep every story as individual short stories but I know there will be stories both I and my readers will want updates on. So...I hope you enjoy :3.

(well...as mature as I can legally manage:P both tapastic and smackjeeves wont allow truly terrible stuff)

here is where I yadder on about my comic post random arts and answer all your questions!

Story boarding is tough

I just finished the story board for chapter one :) and it was surprisingly difficult :/… perhaps it won’t feel like that after years of doing it…at least I hope… any ways. Ill need to start story boarding for at least chapter two then start the actual pages…Just a little longer guys :) then my comic will be on a roll and online. Sooon.

December 7th 2016
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I'm offering two venues choose whichever works for you!

you can choose Tapastic, upload times will be slow as each "episode" is made up of more than one page. This is good for people who don't mind waiting but like to splurge in one sitting, each episode is easy to read as you can just scroll down! to top it off there is an app! charmlore at your fingertips! (or what ever other comic you might like :3) if you want to help contribute to the funds of charmlore but don't have any money to spare, just read from this venue and I can gain a small amount from their "ad program".

you can choose Smackjeeves if you wish, upload times will be as fast as I can make the pages. this is good for people who don't mind reading only one page at a time but like it faster. you will have to click to change through each individual page but each page has a "hover" feature where I'll give small tid-bits about the comic or just comment silly things :p. unfortunately if you want to help contribute to the comic this venue doesn't seem to have a built in feature for it. you will have to find another way.

Down here I'll be putting links to other websites that help me with my comic motivators,

just ordinary stuff like shirts, wallpaper, fabrics, donations...

all charmlore related and made by moi!...

well...will be made, I haven't made anything yet :p, I have accounts for all this stuff already but I wont sell stuff until I get the ball rollin' so to speak :).